Friday, May 20, 2011

72.2 Kilos

I'm about 4 kilos from where I want to be for the next Ironman distance race - in a month. I know weight is but a part of the whole concept of going fast. So I will attain that objective by actually training consistently.
I stupidly twisted a knee 3 weeks back on a training ride with my club by stretching during a feed stop, something that I NEVER do. Idiot. That has been hurting my training; less running, no breaststroke and no power exercise on the bike.

This week has been better, I started by spinning and then going for a 2 hour ride in the rain a mud. The last two day I graduated to doing tough exercises on the home trainer (I find it's a good way to be focused) and did quite well today (12 max intensity 15s sprints at 110 rpm plus - 1min rest).

This is my (provisional) planning for the year:

IM South Africa Done 11h47 - but was sick (ear infection)
Port Elizabeth, East Cape, South Africa
Sun Apr 10 2011

Midzomernacht 15K run [edit]
Gent , Oost Vlanders, Belgium
Sat Jun 18 2011

Limburg 226
Neerpelt, Limburg, Belgium
Sun Jun 26 2011

Triathlon Zeeland Olympic
Vlissingen, Zeeland, Holland
Sat Jul 02 2011

Summer triatlon Vilvoorde Oly
Vilvoorde, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
Sun Jul 10 2011

HIM Antwerp
Antwerp, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
Sun Jul 24 2011