Monday, March 9, 2009

Quoting myself...

Désolé les français, mais c'est tellement zarbi ce que je raconte en anglais, que je n'arrive pas à traduire...

The rest of this fine argument is here.

"I am no fundamentalist, I will not look down on you if a helmet is not worn, but I will cringe to think what might happen should you fall. Wear not one if you feel immortal, but don't push others to satisfy your agenda. I quote not statistics, but my life still being lived. Does my living offend you? Does me voicing the actual proven fact that I am still intact is partially the guilt of that horror, the helmet, a crime? You are content to say, wear not one, tis' nothing but air, and your soul shall not be saved. But alas, if my soul was and could not be saved by the sanctity of foam, the skin on my cranium was. So I beg pity of you, the anti lid hobby, for me having expressed that flawed, evil thought. That mind under foam thrives."

"Those visible marks, not some foam priest,(...) Fomented the fundamentals of my fundamentalist foundations that a helmet could just save your life. Not in all cases, not always, but in many others. Sometimes, just by making you more visible."

" This is of course my personal opinion. Not the Bell Bible."

"I Have had bad road rash outside of races - mostly trying to impress girls "look, no hands BLANG Look no skin" at 2 mph, on coobles - I want Kevlar bibs and clothes. I don't think you can die of road rash if you have your tetanos up to date. But you won't be getting dates."

"Did I write about body armour - oh yes - the part about RPG resistant add on armor... Err no."

"Should we make surfboards, motorbike helmets, bike helmets and car crumple zones as hard as your beliefs to make them look good in your mind? To make them "worthy"? Can Slater be so wrong? That's probably why Pamela left him, pfff, foam man, should have used riveted steel and iron MAN board."

"I'd rather believe the crazy blond guys at Volvo that laid down the basics of deformable structures in the 60's, probably over a block of heroin, toped with LSD powdered with coke after a week of binge drinking just to satisfy the marketing department -probably never saved a life – than you. Sorry."

"My problem is the preaching that you don't like helmets, thus should not be worn. I believe that matches should never be hidden from children, because it builds character, but I understand that this opinion is mine. And even if I never burnt a house in my preteen years, others could be less lucky. I do not want to be morally guilty of a finely roasted family."

"And I will never force you to put anything on your head. Except maybe a fez."

Man... I was on fire today!

PS, I'll be reviewing two helmets... I must be evil.

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  1. Is it an answer? I can't understand everything every details (shame on me :-( ) but I love "Look, No hands, bang, look no skin" ^^.

    I don't know why, but yes, you were on fire.

    See You soon